Are all Workshops in-house or do you give open courses? 

Most courses are in-house, but open courses are also run. Please refer to HDC for details. 

For which employees is the Workshop most suitable? 

Historically, the majority of participants have come from general management, sales and purchasing. However, the workshop is suitable for all employees whose decisions can impact on the company's profitability. In fact, IT managers and property purchasers, for instance, have made considerable extra profit by applying their learning. 

What mix of delegates would be most appropriate to a Workshop? Can we mix seniors with juniors? 

A wide mix of delegates adds an important element of varied viewpoints and experience. It is certainly useful to let seniors and juniors attend together, but seniors should be aware that no allowance is made by the instructors for job titles or perceived seniority. It is most important that nobody attends a course with a delegate to whom he or she reports. 

Can we take a one-off course? 

We have given one-off courses. But please be aware that the Workshop involves inducing a profit-driven culture which the whole client company needs to understand. 

Can I send an observer to a Workshop? 

No. All attendees must participate fully. 

Can I send one or two delegates on someone else's course to test the water? 

Delegates may attend open courses but not other companies' in-house programmes. 

What feedback will I receive on the Workshop? 

You will receive the delegates' feedback on their view of the course and their learning.  We do not give our feedback on the delegates as the course is held in an intensive, confidential context, which would not be possible with reporting on participants.  You and they will be the judge of how much they have gained. 

How can I quantify the benefits of my employees attending? 

Within the bounds of confidentiality described above, we can work with companies to help previous delegates put numbers to the extra profits and benefits they have secured since their attendance.

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