Workshop in Negotiating Skills:

"Negotiation is a rare skill. The skill lies in coping with the stress which the process demands, and knowing which behaviour is appropriate, and when."
"We do not get the best from negotiation because of acombination of social conditioning, ignorance,insecurity, egocentricity, sloth, anger and fear."
"The better you are at selling, the chances are,the worse you are at negotiating."
Life is a negotiation. It cannot be escaped. We can do it well or badly. The majority of us Westerners do it badly. Most people believe that negotiation is compromise. It isn't. It is getting the other guy to compromise.
Getting the other guy to compromise concerns:

  • Understanding who you are and what drives you; at what point you would rather not have a deal.
  • Understanding him; at what point he would rather not have a deal.
  • Developing attitudes which make the other person realise that, if he wants a deal, he must compromise.

Learning skills which make it unnecessary to compromise oneself while recognising the possibility of compromise in the other person.

The Workshop In Negotiating Skills (WINS) originated in the USA during the 1960s, designed for IBM's purchasing department.  Having been applied in financial, banking, manufacturing and retail sectors by thousands of participants, WINS is widely regarded as the most powerful and effective commercial negotiating course available.
Please note: in the text, the terms "he", "his", "him" and "the other guy" refer equally well to women as to men.

In fact, our experience has demonstrated that women are generally better negotiators than men.  The very best women negotiators will have realised that the above note is unimportant.