We do not attempt to sell the Workshop In Negotiating Skills. In our experience either clients recognise they need to improve their negotiating skills, or they don't.

We seek enquiries from clients who have already made up their minds that they need negotiating training; who realise that it is vital to increase margins; and that this is not achieved in the boardroom, but by one individual sitting down in front of another to buy or sell.

It is for them to determine who is going to attend this training.  The only way to do this satisfactorily with WINS is to take a pilot programme.  It is relevant that only one client has ever taken a pilot programme and not followed it by booking a series.

It is not for us to blow our own trumpets; what the client thinks is what matters.  Prospective clients are welcome to talk to those already using us.

In the interim it may be relevant that:

  • one client established that a £50,000 investment in WINS was showing a pay-off in excess of £2,500,000 annually. He went on to spend a further £400,000.
  • one man, acting for his company, attempted to purchase a Spanish site for retail development.  The asking price was £8 million, and the sellers would not budge.  He felt constrained because the site was financially viable at £9 million.  After the course, he bought the site for less than £5 million.
  • the IT manager returned from a course and, in the following week, re-negotiated the purchase of a hardware and software package down from £932,000 to £642,000.
  • one large group has spent £600,000 with HDC. They calculate their increased profitability as over ten times this sum.

Clients report that the cost of each course is covered within a week by just one participant applying what he has learned.  Moreover, each member of each group will be striving for higher profits throughout his working life.